16 Month Old- SPD?

by Amber
(Omaha, NE, USA)


Our son is almost 17 months at the end of this month. We are in need of help. This is our first and only child we will have. Below is our story;

* He was a hard baby from the beginning. Never latched right and just screamed and screamed. He was diagnosed with reflux, GERD and MSPI before 6 weeks old. He continued to be super fussy and couldn't be put down. He had tubes put in for war infections. Each time we prayed this "fixed" the fussy and we would have a happy baby.

* He's hit all of his milestones just fine thus far. He's very bright. He walked before a year, makes eye contact, listens to his name and mostly responds. BUT

1. He's still extremely fussy
2. Hates shoes- we have to coax him or distract him when we put them on.
3. Hates diaper changes- every time he starts to freak out
4. Certain clothing he pulls at as if it bothers him
5. Screams to get out of the high chair
6. Hates his face washed
7. Very clingy
8. Uneasy in an unfamiliar place
9. Bad tantrums which started at like 15 months along with had banging which that has improved.
10. If we give him a different sippy cup at night he freaks out
11. Loves rouintine

However at daycare he seems fine or at least she doesn't report things being off about him. What are your thoughts?

My husband and I are so tired our days off with him are full of fussyness tantrums and not being able to go anywhere for fear of fits. HELP!

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