17 month old daughter with SPD

by Heather
(Sugar Land, TX)

My daughter has been in OT since she was about 14 months old. My husband and I never really thought of her little quirks as being much of anything else, until she was diagnosed with a swallowing disorder (dysphasia). Looking at this list...wow!! She has so many of these.

I do have a question though about something. Lauren doesn't like certain textures, but she loves others. She loves soft and furry, silk and microfiber. Could that also be part of the SPD? She refuses to sleep with a blanket on her... no matter what, but we have to have a blanket under her. She doesn't like to sleep on any sheets. On more thing, she doesn't mind her shoes being on, but as soon as we get inside, the socks and shoes MUST come off. She also has the need for everyone else's socks and shoes to come off. She has a doll that she can't play with anymore because her shoes don't come off. Is this part of the SPD as well?

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Jan 06, 2009
your daughter
by: Anonymous

Yes, I believe everything you are describing is part of SPD. I just took a training on it yesterday, as I am a School Psychologist and her symptoms all fall inline with this disorder. Keep educating yourself and find competent therapists and doctors. Remember, its not her fault, this is something going on with her neurologically that she can't help.

Good luck! BTW--she is adorable!!

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