18 and annoyed

by Austen

I am 18 years old and just finding out about this Sensory stuff. When your only use to being in one body you never realize your different, you just assume we all think the same. It wasn't until I got in high school and got a job that I noticed my dilemma.

Sure, as a child I never liked eating salad or liked finger painting but I always figured that was just me. Once I hit High School is when I noticed the more emotional side of things. Just for example: when I walk in front of a crowd or any amount of people I have this terrifying thought process. I constantly think about what my arms are doing, where my eyes are looking, and just a huge mixture of how I come off to others. I always figured I just had some mild social anxiety.

Later on my high school years I noticed I couldn't stick with one friend or a group of friends. Over time I get easily annoyed and frustrated with a group of people. To the point where I can't be around them. It's extremely frustrating for me because these people do nothing wrong to me, but I can't be around them because of the way they chew their food and pronounce certain words.

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