18 month old only eats stage 2 & drinks lots of milk

by Nicky

My 28car month old son will only eat stage two baby foods. He likes yogurt but I think it contributes to making him throw up. He would spit up alot when he was younger. And for the lady that did not breastfeed, I breastfed my son for the first four months and I am going through the same things with him.

I have been trying to give my son table food since he was 8 months. Now he won't even try. I have his first OT appt this Thursday. For now, it's applesauce, some stage two and lots of milk. He will hold his bottle sometimes. He doesn't feed himself and he won't drink out of a cup. So happy to have other parents going through the same things because this is enough to make me feel crazy. I am also concerned about childcare that will be able to spend time feeding him. It can take s half hour to hour to get him to finish one container of food. Has anyone had problems with childcare?

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Jan 01, 2013
2 year old only eats baby food
by: Sheilah

I hear you momma! I'm so glad I'm not alone...my son will only eat Stage 2 meats and stage 2 sweet potatoes. He will eat some crackers, dry cereal and cookies. He just began eating Yogurt. People look at me like I'm crazy to be feeding him baby food. I give him new things to try and we won't! He also loves milk.....hang in there and please know your not alone:)

Jan 31, 2012
picky eaters
by: Anonymous

Yes it happened and is still a problem to have food for my two granddaughters, they are up to 3 years are fed only with milk and cookies, because they refused other food. Now they age in school and eat a few food. that choose based on smell, taste, and appearance of the same.

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