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(Ontario, Canada)

I'm starting to suspect that I have a mild to moderate form of SPD. For as long as I can remember, certain things have bothered me. I can't stand wearing socks (unless I'm also wearing shoes or I get blisters), and the texture of potatoes used to make me gag and even throw up a couple times. My balance and depth perception/judge of distance has always been terrible.

Here's my checklist; I'd like advice on whether I should bring this to my doctor or not.

Sensory Modulation
(5) Bothered by tags and certain fabrics. I always cut the tags off my clothes, and can't stand rough fabrics like wool and wool blends.

(3) Bothered by 'light touch'.

(5) Excessively ticklish. EVERYTHING tickles me. My boyfriend lightly touching my arm will send me into a giggling fit.

(5) I have to constantly fiddle with something or doodle, or I can't pay attention.

(3) I've toned down the hair touching, but I still do it frequently.

(5) I'm extremely sensitive to pain. It baffles my parents and brother as to how a light shove or whack on the arm can hurt.

(2) I have to wash or wipe off my hands and face after anything remotely messy.

(4) Hate socks. Hate hate hate hate.

(2.5) I love fast rides, but hate sports, etc.

(3.5) I don't enjoy spinning rides, but will go on them on occasion.

(5) Restless during presentations and movies. I can't sit through Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.

(3) I often chew on my pencil, this has toned down recently.

(3) Certain food textures bother me, like mashed potatoes.

(4) I like strong flavours, other than spicy food. Garlic is my favourite. <3

(4) I bite my nails often enough that they bleed.

(3) I bite my lips often, especially when anxious or during the winter when they get chapped.

(4) I'm always shaking my leg, especially if I can't find something to fiddle with.

(3) I can sleep without multiple blankets, but use two or three during the winter and a heavy quilt during the summer.

(2) I'm nauseated by the smell of cooking ground beef.

(5) I smell all the things, and can even identify people by scent.

(4) Crowds tend to be overwhelming.

(3) My energy level fluctuates between high and low, with very little room in between.

(5) I hate going to the store, etc when it's busy.

(4) Clocks. The damn. Ticking. Clocks. And clicking computer mice, typing noises, etc.

(5) Loud noises, or unexpected noises, make me flinch. Especially people talking.

Sensory Discrimination
(3) Bothered by hands or face being dirty.

(5) I touch everything. Run my hand along the lockers at school, or the shelves at the grocery store,

or along clothes to feel the fabric.

(5) Judging distances in cars. I'm abysmal at it; it's part of why I don't drive.

(5) I'm very easily disoriented and lost.

(3) If given multiple directions, I can usually only remember the first.

(3.5) I often flinch or hide at loud or unexpected noises.

(4) I either talk too loudly or too softly. I wake up my parents on occasion.

(4) Become engrossed in one single activity for a long time and seems to tune out the rest of their environment. Doing this instead of class. ^^;

(4) Difficulty with speech and annunciation. I often mispronounce my words, or have to stop and unscramble my thoughts before I can talk.

(5) Bumps into things frequently. Ohgod, the bruises from door frames.

(3) Can't seem to find words in word search puzzles. Always been terrible at these. I much prefer sudokus.

Sensory-Based Motor Skills
(3) Clumsy, uncoordinated, and accident prone.

(2) Difficulty walking on uneven surfaces

(5) Prefers sedentary tasks, avoiding sports or physical activities. When playing sports, I'm the goal post.

(4) Frequently bumps into people and things.

(3) Easily fatigued with physical tasks. And itchy. I get majorly red and itchy after about ten minutes of physical activity.

(5) Frequently drops items. I have not gone an entire day without dropping my phone.

(3) Lose balance frequently.

(5) Significant difficulty learning to type the "proper" way. Still don't bother with home row.

(5) Dislikes changes in plans or routines, needs structure. Had a panic attack because I was 5 minutes later than usual leaving to catch my bus, even though I usually gave myself 10 minutes until the bus showed up.

(5) Cries easily, over things others usually don't, very "emotional" and "sensitive".

(4) Can't seem to finish anything. Other than school work.

(3.5) Can't seem to finish anything.

(4) Prefers solitary activities, avoids groups. I'll take my book over a club or a bar. Partially because introvert.

(5) Difficulty with social cues and non verbal language. It confuses me to no end.

(4) Trouble relating to and socializing with peers and colleagues.

(3.5) Easily frustrated.

(5) Needs sameness and routines; needs to know what to expect.

(5) Have panic or anxiety attacks. Diagnosed with severe social anxiety.

(4) Plagued by fears and/or phobias.

(3) OCD-type qualities.

(4) Distractible and unorganized.

(2) Hates surprises. I like some surprises, but not many.

(5) Avoids eye contact.

Internal Regulation
(2) Difficulty falling asleep.

(3.5) Heart rate speeds up, and won't slow down when at rest.

(3) Difficulty with temperature regulation of body.

Do you think I should go to my doctor with this checklist? And looking through this, if I do have SPD, it might be more than mild... D:

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Mar 06, 2015
I know how you feel :)
by: Anonymous

I know exactly how you feel. I hate tags on clothes or woolly jumpers and I can't stand tight jeans!I refuse to eat in the same room as my brother as when he eats cerial he chomps and the noise could burn my ears! I loath the noise resulting in me not eating breakfast for a large part of primary school years. Clothe shopping is every normal girls dream but my nightmare. I am currently 11 years old and when I was 8 mum and dad had no idea why I would wear these underwear, or that cardigan, or that jumper,they simply thought I was some deranged child.so we went to see this doctor GP person thing and he knew exactly how I felt! He told me and mum about SPD and life is so much better. I still hate some fabricks and clothing, but overall most things I loathed as a child, I have a solution for them. You should go and see a doctor Go thing it will really help, also, don't be afraid or emabbrassed to talk this over with your parents too.

Feb 14, 2014
Should you talk to your doctor?
by: Anonymous

With what you have listed, yes, I would think it good to talk to your doctor. Lots of the items on the list could be SPD, some may represent an anxiety disorder, which might be reduced with counseling and learning some relaxation techniques. Some also could be hormones. Are some of the symptoms worse at predictable times? Certain smells bother most women more at those times, but we don't talk about it much.

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