19 and think I have SPD

by Anonymous
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I feel like I really might have this. My friends and family would describe me as over reactive. Noises either go completely unnoticed or sometimes I jump at the sound of a pin dropping and every little noise irritates me and too much will bring me to tears.

Also, If I am overstimulated I will sometimes shut down or fall asleep. I tend to like things based on texture and smell to an extreme. I still struggle with what some would call "oral fixation", still have a favorite blanket because of texture, and other things of the sort. I honestly thought I was just weird because I can't handle a lot of environments. I also tend to have severe sensitivity to touch. I either constantly am touching my face or rubbing my arm or I can't stand even a handshake. What can I do?

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Feb 25, 2014
Talk to someone
by: Connie

Have you ever discussed this with a parent, counselor or physician? The first thing you would want to do is have an evaluation with a physician or psychologist/psychiatrist who is experienced with SPD. (Be sure to ask if they have had exposure to SPD... I went through many doctors who just labeled my son as defiant, when indeed, he had ADHD and SPD...Some are just not educated about it)- Google therapists, physicians in your area that have experience with SPD...

If your issues are ones that you need help with, they will refer you to a therapist who can help you handle them. Some insurances cover it, some don't. (Ours didnt)- But therapy for a short time really helped my son.

The fact that you reached out and did some "self searching" is your first step. At least you know now that you aren't alone. This is a great site for support. Good luck!

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