19 month old - flaps arms/bounces/puts everything in his mouth

by Amie

My son has spoken 8-9 words but doesnt use them often.

He is very emotional and understands what I am saying. He whinges at me to get what he wants. When I understand him, or ask him something and he likes it, or sees something that excites him... he flaps his arms OR hops up and down. He also when tasting things will squint eyes and grimace at me. I thought this may be something cute he was trying as it is new. However, I do wonder if it is at all related to the other actions of excitement since he doesnt communicate with words.

Maybe he is still too young to know...
He rolled over late, crawled late and walked late. In fact, he has been hopping off the floor since 13 months but didnt walk on his own until 15 months.

Any suggestions? The pediatrician doesnt seem concerned... but thats only one opinion and EVERYONE comments on how much he jumps around. (apparently that skill developed early?)
He also puts everything in his mouth. Not just his fingers but all toys he gnaws on or sucks. He has 18 teeth...so I always assumed it was because he was always teething... but it seems like a habit now.

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