19 y/o SPD and Bipolar Disorder

by Kirsten
(Lowell, MA)

My mother passed down her bipolar disorder to her first born daughter, me. So my issues were always attributed to that. But when I heard of SPD, I felt a click inside me like. That's it. And reading the checklist I actually got teary eyed because of weird things about me that now can be explained by SPD.

From the time I was five to middle school, I couldn't wear jeans because I couldn't stand the pressure and texture. Very very picky eater, my parents noticed that when I was still really young. I can't eat anything mushy (potatoes, squash, beans) or things with multiple textures (chunky peanut butter, chips and dip). I have heightened senses, easily go into sensory overload where I get headaches, anxiety and sometimes panic attacks. Very clumsy by nature, have a hard time keeping my balance even standing still. Eye contact is highly uncomfortable. Have always struggled significantly in math, particularly distances, measurements.

Can't tell left from right easily. I always thought I was just a little slow or a little off, that my inner equilibrium was messed up. It kind of makes me feel better in a way to have these symptoms from childhood to now be explained

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