2 SPD girls

by Jill Daingerfield
(Newton, NJ)

I have two girls that mark most of the symptoms. The first was diagnosed with autistic speech regression by the neurodevelopmentalist at age 20 months. She just finished her last day of special-ed preschool and dismissed from services. My second daughter however started stinking at age 2. The pediatrician recent noted a marked regression in her behavior after 6 months. At age 2, the neurodevelopmentalist concluded she is not on the spectrum, but receiving as ABA and OT dismissed since.

Her stimming behaviors continue to occupy her and get greater in intensity and frequency. The OT says she is textbook SOD but definitely not characteristic of a child on the spectrum. I am looking for help to deal with this uncontrollable movement that is consuming my daughter. I work in the medical field and not having a solution seems unacceptable to me. I am looking for a local support group and want to know more about research. I am willing to provide help from my daughters' experiences. Please 7help!

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