2 year old hardly eats

by Marie M.
(Fairbanks Alaska )

Hi, there... My daughter will be 2 in May. Up until last summer she was eating everything!

And almost over night she stopped, all she will take is and on occasion not all the time: avocado, hall a bacon slice, shredded cheese, strawberries, grapes, rice cakes, sometimes a noodle soup, a pepperoni, popcorn, goldfish crackers, pediasure milk.

I’ve tried cutting all snacks and milk and waters, tried giving her all the options on her tray to include what the entire family is eating, tried a new high chair, tried the “well is she’s hungry she will eat” (and no she won’t eat, she just will sit there and cry, get so frustrated that she will grow her food off the tray.

Ive talked to her pediatrician, he recommend a book called “food fight” white souls be to le by Friday. He wants me to call him after I’ve read the book. And maybe maybe refer her to have a swallow study if she starts loosing weight.

She some times will only lick the above mentioned food and sometimes she won’t even touch them. Like today it’s 2pm here, all she’s had to eat is 3 tea spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt, a handful of popcorn, two bites of a rice cake, and some pedia sure milk. (And she licked a slice of bacon)

Guys, please help, I feel clueless, I don’t know how to help my baby, if I try to feed her myself she shakes her head violently and starts screaming and covering her mouth. I just want to help her. I don’t feel like the pediatrician understands the level of worry and frustration.

Any positive advice would be helpful please!

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Apr 13, 2018
Other symptoms/diagnoses?
by: Mary C

Does your daughter have any other symptoms other than not eating? Does she have other SPD symptoms or diagnoses? Have you had her stomach checked for acid reflux or something else? Many times children do have these symptoms, but it is so hard since while so young they don't know how to communicate it?

Please know that there are children out there who do not have these problems but just don't like to eat much - my niece has no other symptoms but at 12 still only likes McDonalds chicken nuggets, pizza, pasta noodles, and a few other things. She is thriving despite it.

I hope the above help you think about your child and come up with something as it may apply.

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