2 year old not able to swallow table foods

by Crystle
(New Mexico)

My son was born 13 weeks premature and has constantly had issues. As soon as he started bottle feeding, it was constant choking and then when he went to purees, he was unable to swallow. He just wasn't sure what to do with the food and would spit it out. Eventually he was able to eat purees as long as they weren't too thick and didn't have any abnormal textures. He is now 2 years old and will only eat puree'd food, again, as long as it isn't too thick and doesn't have any abnormal textures. He is very experimental with foods and loves to put everything in his mouth and taste it, but he just doesn't seem to know what to do, he won't chew and won't swallow. If he does accidentally swallow, he is vomiting like crazy and acting like he is choking. He has an OT as well as a speech therapist, but nothing seems to help. Has anyone else had this issue and how did you overcome this obstacle? Or how are you dealing with it?

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