2 yr 10 month old wont chew only on bottle feed and that while sleeping

by Ms SzCH

My son is 2 years and 10 months old and though there is no confirmed diagnosis of his problem and all I know is through internet surfing.

He's had been eating a variety of foods, though all in mashed and pureed form with very tiny chunks, till he was 16 or 18 months old but after that one by one he stopped it all even the formula milk. I then had to keep him on a bottle while he's in sleep. He does take milk, n banana shake and pediasure but all during sleep.

When he is awake he will only eat biscuits and will not chew, he doesn't know how to chew biscuits he would also hardly take two or three drinks, otherwise would not take anything. We consulted a pediatric gastroenterologist and he gave him medicine to relieve reflux(if any) and to improve his stomach motility. Those medicines helped getting rid of gags and he started licking new foods and taking into mouth for licking only.

Then his grandparents came to stay over for a month and out of excitement he stopped that practice at all together. He is otherwise a super intelligent boy and is good at learning.

I desperately want to know if any moms have succeeded in making their kids learn how to chew without any professional intervention, such as OT.

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