20 month old with SPD

by amanda

My 20 month old has recently been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder as well as an anxiety disorder. She also has a language delay. We noticed early on that something was not right with her but her family doctor kept brushing it off. She has been in speech therapy and developmental therapy for around 8 months and has made very minimal progress. She still struggles with language and does not really interact with the other children at daycare.

About a month before her her appointment with the specialist, we had asked her family doc if it could be SPD and was told absolutely not. Things we noticed were not liking the palms of her hands touched, making it difficult to learn hand over hand sign, sensitivities to certain textures of food, loud noises and just constantly moving from the time she gets up until she goes to bed. She constantly drools, runs in circles, eats dirt and anything else non food related she can get in her mouth. She does not like sand, bubbles,shaving cream, finger paint, pudding, bananas and other textures. She is very resistant to change.

I have read a lot about asperger's syndrome and autism. When we went to the specialist, he said there is absolutely no way she could be autistic because she is to smart. However he said she does show characteristics of an autistic child but he believes they are behaviors.Her speech therapist still thinks she could be on the spectrum for austim or even asperger's and says if we do not get the help she needs then she could be one of those children who slips through the cracks. Her speech therapist was at daycare the day she ate cat poop and does not believe any of the things my child is doing is a behavior or for attention. The specialist believes the autistic behaviors we have experienced are just behaviors.. nothing more due to spd and referred us to a behaviorist and child psychologist for the anxiety issues.

Could there be something this specialist is missing? How can we help her to make progress during speech and developmental therapy? What can we do to help her adapt to the the sensory issues that are giving her problems?

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Nov 03, 2009
Maybe Oral Apraxia and SPD?
by: Anonymous

Research oral apraxia. It can have many of the symptoms you state with the speech delay. I also see SPD, but you don't want to miss treating apraxia because the speech therapy needs to be very intense (3-5x/wk) for the best success. Have you seen a neurologist? Along with a speech-language pathologist, he/she should help you square it away because all three: apraxia, SPD, and spectrum disorders are neurological. My daughter has apraxia and SPD. We took one diagnosis of PDD NOS (while two other specialists denied it) in order to get our 2 year old services. ABA can help anyone, especially those with speech delay if it is designed right. And...the benefit is that you don't have to worry about recognizing SPD for an IEP. No one likes the label, especially if you don't believe it, but if one specialist gives it then you should exploit it. Good luck.

Oct 28, 2009
hope this helps
by: Anonymous

your 20 month old does have sensory processing disorder, my daughter had a speech delay, and it took me a longer time to find out what was wrong until i had the o.t. test her. she still puts alot of thing in her mouth, but it has slow down by use a spin toothbrush. I've learn alot about spd now that it's coming out more as a real disorder. my daughter is 8 now, but has come a long way she can speak 6 word sentences now. So it will happen keep working w/ your child on there surroundings and get an O.T., and read as much as you can get your hands on. The more you learn the better. If you Educate the school on the they will work w/ you. also if you have a dept of special needs in your area they will help you w/ find the right placement for her.

Oct 27, 2009
The first thing....
by: KIm

you need to do, id get her evaluated by an OT or OTR.
Secondly get the book, the out of sync child
She definitely has sensory issues, which CAUSE BEHAVIORS!!!!!!!!!
She probably is also somewhere on the autism spectrum. Im not a Dr., but i live it daily.......
Most kids on the spectrum have SPD, from mild to extreme.
We al have a degree of sensory issues
But when they interfere with daily life, then it needs to be addressed.
Please get the book!!!!
Also, read tony attwoods book, "The complete guide to aspergers syndrome and see what you think.
Just keep reading, knowledge is power and we cannot let these Dr.s make all the calls, they also make many mistakes, they are not Gods, theyre human!!
You need to have photo copies of every dr.s visit to specialists.
Every eval, get a private one and also have the school do one for free.
Call early intervention, and that is the beginning of your journey.
Ther are so many of us out there, keep asking questions, hear others stories and keep reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You need to make a journal of what a typical day with your child consists of, every reaction, to every thing!
Make videos,............. they dont lie
Take pictures of anything unusual.........
Sometimes Dr.s dont listen to the parents as much as they should.
Make PROOF!!!!!!
I wish you well, any questions please feel free to ask........
Its a long road honey, but you get wiser and wiser!!!!
Take care...

Oct 27, 2009
I believe you.
by: Ethan's mom

You are absolutely right that your child needs special attention. I believe you. Find a doctor who will listen to your concerns. Get angry at them until they do listen and take you seriously. Also, read as much as you can about autism, SPD and other disorders. There are many ideas and practical solutions you can use that may help your child. Don't give up hope, but realize it is going to be up to you and your spouse to be the advocate for your child. Keep hoping and praying and learn all you can. You will find the answers.

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