20 yo female - misdiagnosed

by Sami

I work in childcare and see a lot of children with sensory issues and autism... I always thought maybe I had a few issues myself seeing it from an outside point of view so today I decided to read up on it and I'm not all that surprised.

I have "anxiety" and have been diagnosed for 6 years, in and out of psychologists a few doctors have "misdiagnosed" me and my behaviours.
These are the disorders I supposedly have from 5 different doctors/psychologists.
1. Anxiety
2. Depression
3. Bi polar II disorder
4. Borderline personality disorder.

This is a few of my day to day issues I have.
I'm so very easily upset, frustrated and irritated.

I hate the sound of the lawn mower and vacuum cleaner it gets me very irritated. very sensory with the feeling of things on my feet and hands.I continuously wash my hands throughout the day. The only way I can relax is by sucking my finger or playing with my hair or patting my cat. I'm very routine and dislike change, avoid social interactions and have a hard time relating to peers or maintaining friendships.

Back to the doctor I go to discuss SPD. It seems to fit better than any of those disorders I apparently have.

This is my check list.

* bothered by clothing.
* bothered by being touched lightly.
* HATE being cuddled or restricted. especially in bed sleeping.
* Every single night in bed I run my fingers through my hair and smell it until I fall asleep or relaxed but it's continuous
* dislike feel of sand, grass or dirt on feet.
and some carpets material.
* Cannot stand touching anything that will feel weird on my hands, and wash my hands straight away. Wash my hands obsessively throughout the day.
* restless cannot sit still, avoid eye contact keep eye contact
* Always suck my finger or have something in my mouth (cigarette)
* Cannot eat certain texture of food, dislike the smell and taste of many things.
* avoidant of closeness within cues or crowds, avoids large grouping, avoids guests when they are over.
* Lives a structured and very routine lifestyle cannot stand it being changed, impatient, rageful, anxious, easily upset, difficulty conversing/relating to peers and difficulty maintaining relationships.
* Drinks a lot of caffeinated drinks
* sensitive and irritated by noise (hammering, mowing, whipper snipping, vacuuming, cooking, loud tv)

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