22 and think I may have SPD??

I'm almost 22 years old and I've recently been trying to figure out why I hate to be touched so much, why I panic when something sticky is around me, and why I'm always so hot, and why I fear social situations so much. In my search I I came across this and I'm not sure if maybe it's the problem. I can't say I remember having these problems all my life, but I know I've had them at least since I was 15, and they've gotten worse and worse. Here are my answers, any input would be much appreciated.

Sensory Modulation:

(2) bothered by clothes; certain materials, tags, seams, pantyhose, ties, belts, turtlenecks, have to wear shorts, skirts, or pants exclusively, etc.(I use to be very bothered by clothes as a kid, but have learned to accept them more now.)

(5) bothered by "light touch"; someone lightly touching/rubbing your hand, face, leg or back(I don't like people touching me, not even my loved ones. I can tolerate it, but I get pretty upset if someone touches me, especially if I wasn't expecting it.)

(5) excessively ticklish

(5) distressed by others touching you; would rather be the "toucher" than the "touchee", difficulty "snuggling" with your partner ( I hate being touched, I often feel bad because my boyfriend likes to cuddle and I don't)

(3) have to fidget and "fiddle" with things all the time; change in your pocket, your keys, a pen/pencil, paper clip, rubber band, ANYTHING within reach

(4) often touching and twisting your own hair

(5) don't seem to notice pain; get shots/cuts/bruises and hardly feel a thing

(2) dislike the feeling of showers or getting splashed(showers are fine, but I HATE being splashed.)

(5) avoid touching anything "messy"; if you do, you have to go wash your hands right away and/or only touch it with your fingertips(if I touch something sticky I panic and get very upset. If something sticky spills, I cry and am afraid of the area it was spilt on.)

hate to be barefoot or hate to wear shoes and/or socks( I use to hate socks, but accept them now)

(3) avoid amusement park rides that spin or go upside down

(5) will often rock or sway body back and forth while seated or standing still

(4) restless when sitting through a lecture, presentation, or movie

smokes cigarettes(I quit over a year ago because I was pregnant, I still constantly want to smoke)

(5) prefer foods with very strong tastes and flavors

(4) bites lips or inside of cheeks

(4) requently shake your leg while sitting or falling asleep

(5) racks knuckles often

(5) loves crunchy foods (popcorn, carrots, chips, nuts, pretzels, etc.)

(2) has an "endless" supply of air fresheners, scented candles, odor masking sprays, etc.

(5) becomes nauseated or gags from certain cooking, cleaning, perfume, public restroom, or bodily odors

(2) identifies objects by smell, have to smell everything, judge whether you like something or someone by smell

(4) very high or very low energy level(low)

(4) avoids crowds and plans errands at times when there will be fewer people

(5) hides or disappears when guests come over

substance abuse(before my baby I would have to drink in order to socialize or have sex, but I quit for her.)

(1) drinks excessive amounts of coffee or caffeinated beverages

(4) notice and bothered by noises other people do not seem bothered by... clocks,

refrigerators, fans, people talking, outdoor construction, etc.

(3) sensitive to loud sounds or commotion

Sensory Discrimination:

(3) difficulty finding things in your purse or pocket without looking

(5) bothered by hands or face being dirty

(3) difficulty locating items in a cupboard, drawer, in your closet, or on a grocery shelf

(5) can't sleep if room isn't completely dark

(4) difficulty concentrating on or watching a movie/tv show when there is background noise or distractions

(2) difficulty following directions if given two or three at one time

(2)can not complete concentrated tasks if noises present

(2) sensitive, or over reacts, to sirens, dogs barking, vaccuum cleaners, blenders, or other sudden/loud sounds

(2) talks too loud or too soft

(5) lethargic, hard to get going, appears "lazy" and unmotivated

(5)become engrossed in one single activity for a long time and seems to tune out the rest of their environment

(3)spend hours at a time on fantasy or video games and activities( I don't play them anymore but when I did i would for hours)

(5) great difficulty settling body down for sleep or waking up in the morning (did you even hear the alarm that has been going off for 15 minutes?)

(1)difficulty with speech and annunciation

(3) bumps into things frequently

(3)difficulty reading and understanding a map, bus schedule, directions

(1)difficulty distinguishing different tastes and/or flavors of food and/or drink items

Sensory-Based Motor Skills:

(2) confuses right and left sides

(5) prefers sedentary tasks, avoiding sports or physical activities

(2)difficulty with handwriting; hard to read, takes a long time to write

(3) frequently bumps into people and things

(4) easily fatigued with physical tasks

(1) requently misses when putting objects on a table

(2) messy eater, difficulty with eating utensils, spills and drops food

(1) frequently drops items

(2) hums or vocalizes while concentrating on a task

significant difficulty learning to tie a tie(never tried)

Social / Emotional:

(5) dislikes changes in plans or routines, needs structure

(3) may be described as "stubborn", "defiant", or "uncooperative"

(5) cries easily, over things others usually don't, very "emotional" and "sensitive"

(2) can't seem to finish anything

(5) difficulty making decisions

(1) rigid and controlling

(5) prefers solitary activities, avoids groups

(2) impatient and/or impulsive

(3) difficulty with social cues and non verbal language

(2) difficulty with authority figures

(5) trouble relating to and socializing with peers and colleagues

(2) a "sore loser"

( 3 )strong feelings of anger or rage

( 4 )easily frustrated

( 3 )needs sameness and routines; needs to know what to expect

( 3 )ave panic or anxiety attacks

( 3 )plagued by fears and/or phobias

( 3 )OCD-type qualities; can't let foods touch each other on your plate, have to wear clothes a certain way, will only do ____, repetitively does ____, can not do _____ without doing _____, has to have ____ like ____

( 2 ) distractible and unorganized

( 2 )hates surprises

( 5 )difficulty seeking out and maintaining relationships

( 5 )avoids eye contact

Internal Regulation:

( 5 ) Difficulty falling asleep or getting on a sleep schedule

( 3 )over or under sensitivity to bowel and bladder sensations

( 4 )over or under sensitivity to the sensation of hunger/appetite

( 5 ) irregular, inconsistent bowel, bladder and appetite sensations

( 5 )difficulty with temperature regulation of body( I'm always warm, never get cold. I overheat very easily while others around me may be very cold)

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