23 and heard about SPD today

by SGK

The hypersensitivity to touch section was me to a Tee. My mom always tells me about how I hated socks.

Before I met my very tactile husband, I didn't like to be touched unless I knew the person and the intent of the touch -- I considered touch to be utilitarian, and to this day I can't bear to be touched when I'm very emotionally upset. I've also been a picky eater my whole life, but because I didn't know the cause it became full-on food phobias and an eating disorder.

The emotional dysfunction also fits pretty much perfectly, though I've grown out of/learned to adapt to some of those things.

It's so clear it almost makes me angry. I felt like a freak when I couldn't eat fruit, and my parents would punish me for being disobedient even when I was sincerely, desperately trying to work up the nerve to eat it. I kind of went through my whole life up til this point just assuming I was picky and sensitive and weird and inadequate. Knowing that it could have been spotted and dealt with, and that instead, I have 2 decades worth of compensatory behaviors to deal with, too.

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