25yr old student

I got on here to look up symptoms for my son and realized that he didn't have that many just a picky eater and repetitive play. But I had tons of them growing up and still have some I suppose. I used to constantly vomit growing up everytime I saw something that "grossed" me out it could be from a chocolate chip on a fiends face to ketchup stains on a shirt.

I was naked until I turned 10 all the time and then My mom forced me to start wearing clothes, I was a picky eater but am not anymore, in fact I am the opposite, I love trying crazy stuff now. I am partially deaf so that lines up with much of the auditory issues I had almost every one but that is understandable. We used to get in drag out fights over brushing my hair before school. This was very eye opening although I hardly deal with any of it now.

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