2yr old son, misunderstood.

by Krissina
(Las Vegas, NV, USA)

My son was diagnosed with a seizure disorder when he was 6mos old. This went on for about 8 months. They drs weren't to concerned tho bc he was still hitting his milestones. By the time the seizures stopped, so did him meeting his milestones. At 1.5yrs old the drs tried saying he has autism. So its been appt after appt.

We finally found an OT who is 100% certain my son has SPD. She referred us to a couple other ppl who agreed. So now we go back to his pediatrician to discuss everything with him. However upon reading the signs, it hits him as hyposensitive all the way. Which is everything the OT was telling me. Its absolutely amazing. Everything is making much more sense now. I was recommended to read "The Out-of-Sync Child" can't wait till payday to go get it. I find this all so interesting and I'm so glad that we have a name to the things that's been bothering my son. Autism never did seem to fit the picture quite well. Anyways, no matter what, he's still my beautiful bouncing baby boy.

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Sep 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hello. I have a two year old son w/ SPD and autism. It's nice to know its not autism but a case of hyposensitiveness. Anyway, good luck. You don't know how lucky you are indeed.

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