3 year old boy with lots of quirks

by Lesley
(Newport beach, ca)

My son is very smart, happy and loving... He can spell cat, dog, hat and read a few words...he points and can communicate and understands most everything...like get me the silver remote etc. Now he are some of the quarks he does... He likes to run back and forth in our living room while humming to himself...he did it today at th burger king indoor play ground too... He loves to squeeze everyones belly even strangers like he cant control the urge to squeeze things.... He often puts both of his hands up to his face and kind of rubs like and grinds his teeth and shakes head a tiny bit while doing so.... To me i think there is some sensory stuff going on. Others think its normal or typical..... Im not sure if he has anxiety etc.... Ive just never seen any other children acting this way. He is great at potty training. Sleeps fine...he has known every animal known to man since like two... I really think he is gifted...and gifted children may be quirky? Thoughts?

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