3 Yr Old Boy

by Tamara
(The Muskoksa)

My 3yr old son is OBSESSED with feeling my elbows and lips. He yells across the room for them 'ELBOW!!!'

He is overly affectionate with me, his mother and quite affectionate with others that he knows.....not with strangers......but with people he knows....overly affectionate.
And....strangely, despite being brought up in a happy home, no fighting, but lots of laughing and joking and high standards, he still asks me 'happy?'... It's kinda bizarre, he's asked that since he could speak, he holds my face in his little hands and makes this cute cute cute face and says to me 'happy?' in the form of a question. And because I've always answered him with a sensitive 'yes baby' he then went on to aks 'super happy?'. He's overly concerned about my feelings.

And I'm not kidding...this child has been exposed to nothing but privilege and happiness. I cannot find one thing to tell you about that may be behind all of this.

There are other 'things' that he does....humming, repeating EVERYTHING his older sister (by one year) does and says, and I mean completely copying everything she does.
What do you think?

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