33 month old son hitting other kids for no reason at all. not angry

by melanie r
(miller place, ny)

Hi, i have not looked into any diagnosis of any condition, but web searches keep leading me back to this sensory process disorder. so my son is almost 3, and talks constantly. he cannot sleep through the night, he wakes up to play by himself at 2 or 4 am. he chews on everything: flip flops, blankets, his shirt.

He has good manners, but will for no reason at all, hit certain kids. does not do it out of anger, and will apologize sincerely and immediately, to their face, while maintaining eye contact. its as if he wants to see them cry when he attacks them.

He also goes around the house smelling everyones feet, and smells his food before he eats it. he does not have issues with eating any foods. he goes to preschool 3 days per week and does great academically, but cannot sit still for circle time. he's a very intense kid. climbs everything and has broken locks off the fridge and freezer to eat frozen foods.

Honestly i don't mind any of his behaviors, just the hitting. What should i do, who should i call. is this a sensory thing that he may not have a handle on? is there a way to get him to keep his hands to himself? thanks, melanie

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