4 year old daughter with possible SPD

by dani

Ever since my daughter was a baby i knew something was off. She hated cuddling, even as a 2 month old. She would arch her back or lift her head up. She is very physically ahead, but was a late talker and has zero interest in learning. She is def a seeker... always into something, destroying something, never stops moving, ect. She has extreme meltdowns every single day and they keep getting worse. She will hit me, bite me, punch me, tell me she hates me, ect. These can last up to two hours at a time and she wont let me touch her or look at her when its going on. She has a blanket that she runs her fingers up and down on and takes it everywhere with her. She has to have it to calm herself down with. I call her personality explosive. Anything can set her off and I am always trying to control her environment.

Going to the store is a nightmare. She will either run off or if she asks for something and I say no, she will have a massive meltdown. Ive had people thinking i was kidnapping her because of how loud and crazy she was getting when I was trying to take her to the car. She is in Pre k and her teachers say she does not listen and is moody most of the time. She tells me after meltdown that she is sorry and doesnt know how to control her emotions.

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