4 yr old boy adopted at 3

by Rose

My son is 4 yrs old. He came to me at a year old. He was and is a great sleeper, use to be picky about foods, but now eats almost anything and will try everything I put in front of him, swallow and if he doesn't like it, that's ok. At home, he is a little rough with the dogs, and he does have a hair fetish. He likes to use it like floss. Other than that I don't see any of the symptoms on the checklist.

However, at school it has been a different scenario. Up until a month ago he did these things: put buttons and beads in his mouth, licked the furniture, was very aggressive, liked the teacher to sit near him and touch him before nap time, etc. A month ago we switched his classroom because we felt the teacher was not understanding of his behaviors. Now in this new class he has never put anything in his mouth, (other than occasionally hair which he will throw out when the teacher tells him it's yucky!) he has never licked furniture or done the behaviors he did previously. He is still a little aggressive, he pushes but doesn't hit. He will push if he get startled while on the computer with headphones on or getting into line, etc.

He has difficulty at transition time, may not want to stop what he is doing, or doesn't want to do what everyone else is going to do, that sort of thing. He definitely doesn't like anyone in his 'space' unless he invites them to be with him or near him. He has friends and plays well with them at outside recess or at any of his favorite activities. I thought he had a sensory issue, but it seems to be improving. Even this morning he gave me two pieces of hair to throw out instead of putting them in his mouth.

So, does this sound like an SPD issue or does it sound more like an issue from being neglected the first year of life? Can we decipher it?

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Mar 09, 2010
Time will tell
by: Anonymous

It could be that his issues are not true SPD and he will continue to improve. I know with my daughter I thought at first she was having issues because of changes in our life. Her father and I divorced, we moved and I had my second child very close together. I took her to a therapist and she improved for a while. Unfortunately things got bad again later on and I regretted not seeking an evaluation by an OT sooner. You could get an eval. just to rule it out, or you could wait and see if things keep improving. Best of Luck.

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