4 Yr Old Pee'ing and poo'ing in pants and on floor

My son pee's and poo's in his pants and on the floor. almost as if it's intentional. He does know when and how to use the toilet.. could this be part of SPD?

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Mar 04, 2014
How did occupation or sensory processing
by: Paul

relate to the response?

Jul 16, 2013
May not be intentional
by: Anonymous

My son has ADHD and SPD. I went through the same phase with my him, however he was 5 and 6 when this was happening. It was very frustrating. I can honestly tell you that I was getting so discouraged and aggrevated with my son during this phase because I truly thought it was intentional. ( I was actually convinced he was doing it on purpose!) As time went on, I realized it wasn't intentional. It happened during school, it happened at home, two feet away from the bathroom. I changed his diet, put him on ADHD meds, constantly reminded him to use the bathroom, and put him on lactose milk. For my son, it was a combination of the attention deficit, milk and anxiety. For us, the problem eventually went away. He is now 9, but it did go on for over a (LONG) year. I truly believe that sometimes these sensory kids don't have the same urges that we do. His body wasn't registering the need to go to the bathroom, until it was too late. Good Luck -- I know what you are going through. connie

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