4 yr old won't eat

by Jeanette leighton

My son Charlie 4 has always been a picky eater but since November after his nasal flu spray he won't eat hardly anything. He practically lives off innocent kids smoothies and milk .

Today all he would eat was a packet of fruit bowl dino eggs and a quarter of a chicken nugget . He won't drink pedisure I've tried adding to milk and smoothies but he says yuck and throws his cup. So I am giving him vitamins and iron and at night he is drinking milk and I've started adding double cream as he's been losing weight .

Sometimes I'm at my wits end its like he has no appetite at all . He's also constipated and constantly holding it in and won't go . I can't get him put of nappies because he screams when you try to get him on the toilet . I know he has always been a picky eater but he eats about a quarter of what he used to now and hasn't had a half decent meal for about 2 months now .

Would anyone know why or do you think the nasal spray could have caused this after he had it done he was ill for weeks and his nose ran like a tap and he spits food out and rubs his mouth like its irritating him . We have seen doctor and dentist . I am currently keeping a food diary and have to go across after 6 weeks to have him weighed again .

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