43 and wow Am I screwed up!!!

Ok I am 43 and have had all kinda trouble in this life with alot on the list there...to point of being locked up in psych wards and told I was syzchoafrentic Paranoid delusions OCD Bi polar and ADHD Personality Dizorder.etc.You name it O had every NEW Catch phraze Psychiatric disorder you can put a tag on. Yes I am bad speler but typing hard reading hard and there is proof readers and speller check right...but not on smart phone app I cannot use computer I cannot get it and lryboard but can use qwerty board.

I am on disability abd 36 medications a day for all kinds of diagnosis and physical symptoms. I was premeture and just bumble along. So now where can I start yes to fix this or make life livable??? I was in school but now I am not but was deemed remedial in certain eras but honors on others and with specialized class alteratins made Phi Theta Kappa and stress too much that I left school and gave up scholarships and been afraid to return as each term more added classes just stressed me to having 4 strokes and 4 heart attacks...there has to be a better way...math forget bout that...Ok I dont even see plus sign or columns or lines need ruler to find lines to hold way to see straight across so if tjis email poorely done I cant check on little text box.sorry
Heidi replies ok thnx

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