4-month-old looking for help/feedback

by Kristina
(Northern California)


I have a daughter that will be 4 months next week. She had colic (the witching hours from 5-11 every single night until she was 10 weeks old). Now, she is a completely happy baby unless... we leave the house!!! If I walk into the grocery store INSTANT meltdown. If a stranger holds her immediate screaming. Extreme preference for mommy and daddy (mainly me). Other than that she is a happy baby. This seems to be her only issue. IF a waiter talks over her head, startles her, etc. immediate meltdown and the only way to help is to remove her from the situation or put her in the sling.

At home, even when the dog barks she is fine. Doesn't phase her.

She is sensitive to the sun, doesn't cry but definitely squints and flails a bit.

The ped says to sort of sit tight at home until her sensory system has a bit more time to develop. And, at 6 months, if she is still doing it to try and just keep taking her out to habituate her.

Is she just overly sensitive or do you think there is a real issue here?

I'm really worried and everyone is telling me I shelter her too much. That is, until I finally cave and go somewhere with them. Then they never ask again.

She will go for very long walks in the stroller, just as long as there aren't a bunch of people around.

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Feb 19, 2011
by: Steve Faherty

What is the sling?

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