5 year old daughter with spd auditory processing

My daughter is very sensitive to loud noises and has a lot of trouble recognizing sounds. Alot of the time when I speak to her she cannot hear me unless I am looking directly at her. I'm still waiting on the ears nose and throat specialist because her adnoids have been swollen now for almost a year. Most of the time I find myself repeating things constantly and her voice tends to be at such a high screech level just when talking it gives my husband and I a headache.

No one has given me any kind of answers or solutions. Should I just go ahead and start teaching her sign language like shes deaf or are there any kinds of headphones that might be beneficial. Also he has had 3 hearing tests that have all come back perfectly normal.

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Jan 16, 2011
auditory processing
by: Anonymous

A child with auditory processing disorder will test normal on a hearing test. You have to ask for a specific hearing test to test for auditory processing disorder. It is a specialized test. An audiologist does it but is more specific than a regular hearing test. If she is in school you can see if the school will screen her. A screening is not the test but should show if there are signs of auditory processing difficulties then testing would be ordered. If you have insurance that will pay for it do it privately, you will get your answers more quickly. It seems there is a lot of red tape going through the schools and often takes months to get any answers. The catch here is that most audiologists don't test kids for auditory processing difficulties until they are about 8 years old because the brain has not developed enough to participate in the testing. Some will so the trick is finding one who will.

If it does show she has auditory processing difficulty she will be able to work with a speech and language therapist to help her overcome and cope with these difficulties. Good Luck!!

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