5 year old girl SPD & potty issues

by Barbara
(Sheridan WY)

My daughter was diagnosed last year with SPD. We had a problem with voiding in her pants for quite some time at that point but finally got through it with a series of rewards.

Now, kindergarten is a month into it and we are back to voiding in her pants almost everyday. Never at school but a daycare or home. She just does it and then sits in it.

I am very frustrated because she basically has been potty trained for almost 2 years. So why now???? I am at my whits end and feel like the worst mom since I can't figure out why this is happening. I have ruled out issues at school and daycare and have spoken to my daughter about anything that may be happening that is upsetting to her but she says no and her personality has not changed. When ask why she does it, she just says because I want to.

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You are not alone
by: Noelle

My 5yr old daughter has basically done the same thing. She is developmentally delayed with sensory issues. Pediatrician says occupational therapy will help. I hope so.

Thank you for posing your question!!!
by: Anonymous

My daughter, also 5, struggles with the same problem. It helps knowing that I am not the only frustrated mom who feels inadequate to help my own child. You've helped me realize that it is not too late to help my child.

Thank you!!!

Could be Lack of Body Awareness
by: SPD Mom in Maryland

My son, who is now 8, took a long time to potty train and even then would void in his pants or have "scooter marks". Often he would get so engaged in what he was doing that he just wasn't paying attention to/missed/didn't feel the signals his body was giving him.

Ultimately, we asked him to sit on the toilet before bed every night, even if he didn't have to go, because he was winding down for the day, more relaxed and in tune with his body.

Over a period of a few weeks this helped him recognize his body's signals. It also helped because the discussion of bowel movements wasn't connected with an accident or my frustration over having to clean his pants.

When he got old enough, about your daughter's age, I made him have to clean his underpants by swirling them in the (clean) toilet bowl, helping him take responsibility for his own hygiene.

The other issue he had, that emerged through his OT sessions, is that he has difficulty with certain fine motor skills with his hands. This meant that the process of wiping was difficult for him. We could always tell by the smell, ugh) and found that using wet wipes (Cottonelle) helped. Save your plumbing system by putting the wipes in a lined empty coffee can.

Good luck. I understand how frustrating it can be. Try to stay as calm as possible so it doesn't become a power struggle.

Me too!
by: Olivia

I completely understand! My son was not totally trained until a week before his 5th birthday. He began receiving OT and a new world opened up. I guess the therapies and exercises helped him become aware of the sensations of pooping on himself.

If your daughter is not receiving OT, it may help. Good Luck! And know you are NOT alone!

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