5 year old, in reception , fine motor skills

by pallavi
(London, UK)

I felt so much better after reading this. I am so stressed out at the moment with my son's fine motor skills. He is been going to OT since he is 3 years old and he is improved so much. He goes to private school and teachers there keep telling me that 'our school is very academic and if he can't write he will be left behind and the gap will increase'. I had such argument with them as i totally disagree. His language and verbal skills are best in both the reception classes and so is his IQ. Teachers themselves said that he is very very intelligent but then discussion again stops on writing.

He loves going to his school but now he started comparing himself with others and when i work with him he says 'Mummy , if i write I will fail and i can not do as good as other children', I literally cried and he said 'Mummy don't be upset, i will keep trying, I love you'. It breaks my heart putting him through the pressure.

But i really like what you said "mechanics of writing is secondary to learning how to convey his thoughts and being successful." and i will say that to myself everyday and won't feel pressurized by teachers. Me and husband we work so much with him and we believe he will be fine we just need to give him some space and time and not put pressure on him


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