5 Year old must take off pants and underwear to ride in the car

by Heather D.
(Plymouth, MN)

My daughter has been getting increasingly particular about many things, but one that stands out as very odd and quite concerning since next year she will begin riding the public school bus is that when she gets into any vehicle she HAS to take down her pants/tights/underwear or any other clothing that covers her bottom. She INSISTS that she is too uncomfortable to wear them. If I suggest she keep them on she ends up sobbing and hysterical.

Mostly, I do not mind, it doesn't bother me too much on any personal level, but my concern is that this is getting worse and isn't appropriate. She can't do this her entire life. Her therapist suggested we get her a different car seat. We let her borrow a different one for a day. It was a complete disaster. She was sobbing hysterically for the entire 10 minute drive complaining the seat was uncomfortable and this happened at all 4 10 minute drives. The seat we borrowed was from a tactile spd kid and that child finds it quite comfortable.

Anyway, I do not know what to do. I have bought her many different kinds of pants/tights/leggings/underwear and none are satisfactory to her. She also hates leotards, especially under other clothing. I am worried I will have to drive her to school forever because she won't be able to handle riding the school bus. Also, we can't have friends ride with us or her ride with any non family members because of this issue, making car pool difficult. She is not my only spd kid. I need HELP!

Also, After the car seat swap, she was a stage 5 clinger and had to sleep with me because she was still so distraught. I feel like I failed her.

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Aug 17, 2015
by: Heather

Can anyone help???

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