5 Year Old with SPD Symptoms

by Sharon Safranek
(Davenport, IA)

My grandson had two holes in his heart when he was born. They did not grow closed on their own and he had open heart surgery at 10 months of age. When an infant, he had to be wrapped tightly to go to sleep.

He is now 5 and is having many behavioral problems at preschool and daycare. He is a picky eater, is overweight, appears clumsy and cannot stay focused on anything longer than 5 to 10 minutes. He is not potty trained. We can put him on the toilet every two hours and he stays fairly dry. He will sit on the toilet and have a bm but with reluctance. We know he has to go by his body language or he tells us to leave him alone. He likes to turn out lights. He likes to turn up the volume on the tv or games. He resists change. He is very affectionate and sweet, but if cannot have his way, will throw objects and do exactly the opposite of what you tell him. Standing him in a corner for 5 minutes doesn't seem to solve the problem.

Frequently it is hard for him to fall asleep. We massage his legs, back, arms etc. to relax him to fall asleep. He pushes other children and knocks over chairs, etc. At quiet time at day care, he makes unnecessary noise (unintelligible). He cannot carry on a conversation with us and cannot relate what he has done at school or a day spent with grandma without coaxing. The daycare does not want him back for the next school season. His parents have enrolled him in a 6 week summer camp for children with disabilities.

We have an appt with a genetic specialist in Chicago May 4th. A year ago we took him to a behavior specialist in Chicago, but sadly, he will not return our phone calls for a written specific diagnosis we can present to the school. We are trying to work with the school, but they seem to not know what to do. He has had occupational therapy and speech therapy, but they have ceased because the therapy hasn't solved the problems. He is getting more aggressive and is very strong and hard to control. My daughter is getting depressed and extremely frustrated.

Where do we turn to? What rights does my grandson and his parents have as far as an education? Can the school suspend him? What legal recourse do we have in the state of Illinois? I love my grandson and will do anything to help him. I cannot imagine what is going through his head and his trying to be normal like other children. Please help us - anyone!


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May 03, 2009
it takes time
by: Anonymous

If he is 5 and he was 4 when he received therapy maybe the therapy was not long enough. some children do not respond to therapy right away he may have needed longer sessions, and also give it more time, these issues are not changed overnight. He may need to see a developmental pediatrician. he may have a form of autism along with spd sometimes mild forms of autism are missed. A developmental pediatrician may be able to give you a diagnosis and I would go to the school and have him tested to be placed back in OT and PT provided by the public school so that they can incorporate his theapy into his school day . Just tell your daughter to stay calm because she is his advocate if she doesn't fight for him in the correct way no one else will. Just remember it takes time and no therapy is making it worse.

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