5 yo mystery

by Beck
(Melb, vic, australi.)

My 5 yo has aspergers with sensory issues. We try to cater to his sensory needs as best we can (I.e trampoline, rolling up in blanket, in door tramp, music etc). He is also ADHD and every time we cater to his sensory needs, his behaviour becomes unsafe and he becomes very excited and unsafe towards himself and others. We are teaching him about his " internal motor" (high motor -hyperactive/silly etc, low-tired/sad etc and just right - normal mood, function and behaviour). He understands it all, but when he is either high or low motor he doesn't want to snap out of it.

We are struggling to safely cater to his sensory needs because of this and the teachers at school are constantly saying his actions are behavioral rather than a reaction to, or need for, sensory input. Just wondering what we could do to help him and help his teachers better understand him.

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