5 yr old has no concept of consequences

by willoh

My 5 yr old is a strong sensory seeker. We have started therapy and I do plan on talking to her about this because I'm not even sure it falls under SPD. Meanwhile, if anyone can help...PLEASE!!!

Don't get me wrong. I do understand that a certain amount of repetition is to be expected when raising children. Repetitive repetition in fact. I have tried to explain that when I say "Don't take off running across the parking lot." it doesn't mean just for now. It means don't ever run off like that. He has been (thank the gods..."only") knocked on his butt twice by vehicles and he still takes off running any chance he gets.

He's been bit by several dogs for being mean to them yet he still continues to pull tails, pinch ears etc. Within 20 min. of getting out of time out he's right back at the same thing that got him put in time out sometimes even saying "look mom". I know that it sounds as though my child is deprived of positive attention but his dad and I can spend hours diverting his attention even going so far as impulsive walks, trips to the river, running to the store amongst other ideas to try and get his mind on other things but just as soon as our attention is on anything else and he seems to be occupying himself he will take full advantage and go right back to playing with the scissors or slamming the door over and over and over. He has all kinds of toys, a fort and swings out side but seems to refuse to occupy himself appropriately.

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Dec 19, 2009
by: Sharyn Johnston

oh my goodness , I hear just what you are saying , I have a 7yr old boy that sounds so much like your s. I would also love some advice Please HELP .

Jun 13, 2009
Out of Control
by: Anonymous

It is so frustrating because other kids don't need this type of supervision and it is like having a two year old that you have to watch all the time. Hang in there! We have found that heavy work works wonderfully, but he also needs some mental stimulation. I taught him to read at age four. I thought it would be impossible, and he literally climbed all over the place while I taught him, but he did learn and it is great to see him spend time sitting and reading comics now that he is 7. We also bought him a tool box and some appliances from the Goodwill store and I let him take them apart. It feels some type of curiosity need he has that in our modern world goes unfulfilled. I don't know if it will work for you, but you never know. Good luck.

Jun 12, 2009
Get a weighted vest
by: char113

My son had these same issues, now before we go anywhere that may require an open area, or sitting still he is given a weighted vest. Weighted vests help give that tactile stimulation that these children are seeking by running around. These children do not understand safety all they understand is what they need at that moment.

OT will help with the impulse control, but you have to continue to be firm about what the appropriate behavior is, and I suggest you go to inyourpocket.com this is a company that sells stylish weighted vests that are tailored looking and can even be worn to church. We also put my son's weighted vest on with transitioning into school in the mornings because he feels the need to run.

Another thing that helps with this heavy work input is a 46 inch trampoline. It's small enough to fit in the tv room or even his room and he is able to jump until he is tired. Good luck and email me if you want with further questions these things have worked wonders with my son. char113@sbcglobal.net

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