504 Evalulation Requirements

by Jen

My son was diagnosed at age 6 by a Children's Hospital Occupational Therapist with muscle/joint disorders and Sensory Processing Disorder. We received a 10 page report, detailing his test scores and diagnosis. He then was in Occupational Therapy through Children's for a year and was released. The school refused to offer OT, as they stated that he did not meet the requirements.

My son has struggled in school ever since Kindergarten and is now in 4th grade. We recently decided that he may need to be put on a 504 to better accommodate his needs.

We are in the process of setting up the 504 evaluation meeting, and the school informed us that the OT report will not be allowed and that we need a doctor's diagnosis for the evaluation. The 504 coordinator has not even viewed the OT report. Does anyone know if a physician report is required for the 504 evaluation? Any information regarding what is required would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Mar 07, 2012
504 Evaluation question
by: J's Mom

I agree with the other post that it might depend on your state as far as what they require.

I believe that you can write a letter to your Special Ed department though and request a full battery of educational tests (and an OT Eval)through the school system based on your concerns. By Federal Law, they have to respond within so many days (30, I believe) and they have to test your child within so many days and you don't have to pay for it. You could also request that they school pay for an Independent Educational Evaluation (ask for a neuropsyc eval etc.) if you disagree with any of their testings although sometimes you might have to pay some depending on your income.

My daughter is on an IEP but she has SPD and NLD (diagnosed by a private Neuropsychologist who did a really detailed evaluation when she was 8 - I would recommend that if you could afford it). You could also see if there is a good "Developmental Behavior Pediatrician" at your best local hospital and they do mini-neuropsych tests (they are usually board certified pediatricians and also have this specialty so they are MD's). I go to one and my insurance covers it so it's just a copay. The DBP guides you on what services your child needs in school etc.

My daughter did get OT in elementary school in MA for 2 years although honestly the private OT was much better.

Feb 23, 2012
504 Evaluation Requirements
by: Anonymous

In Maryland and in many states a doctor's diagnosis is required. You should check the requirments in your state to be sure. Maybe your school district's public school office can answer that question for you. Good luck.

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