504 plans

by Joseph Krok
(Toms River, NJ)

Does anyone have any suggestions of accommodations or modifications to put a 504 Plan together with? I am working with my son's OT and his Neurologist, I just want to have all my bases covered. He has a diagnosis of SPD from his OT and ADHD from the Neuro. Not sure how it is going to go, just want to be prepared.

Here is a whole big list of possible 504 Accommodations that might help: 504 Accommodations Checklist

Lots of valuable tips and links in the following article: Teaching Strategies In The Classroom

Specifically for SPD? Does anyone have a good resource or suggestions for Dad? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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Sep 12, 2009
Very similiar
by: Darnyelle

Hi Joseph. We reside in Toms River, NJ. We also have child w/ ADHD (from neuropsych) and SPD. He is also in OT at CSH. He has entered K this year; what grade is your son in? We are currently going through the 504 process ... so not sure how long ago your wrote this post, how'd it go?

Mar 16, 2008
504 issues
by: Anonymous

My son was diagnosed with SPD at 3. He carried a developmental delay label with the school system until the end of his second grade year.

At that IEP meeting we all knew that he would lose the SPED label, but that he needed to have help to make it through the day in school. Things like preferential seating, movement breaks, visual schedules, and transition help etc.
As a part of trying to help him with his SPD, he had seen a counselor. We were able to use the diagnoses that she used (since SPD is not acknowledged) to fulfill the 504 and how it disrupted his learning.

That will be the focus of the 504 meeting... how do his issues (whatever they may be) affect his ability to learn. So you will probably have to focus on the ADHD instead of the SPD... But go prepared with all the ways that his learning is affected (i.e. if people are too close to him he can't focus or sit still then that affects his learning, if he needs time to get himself together =self-regulation, and does not get it, he will be challenged to learn something that day.)

Hope this helps.

Mar 02, 2008
Start with a meeting
by: Heather Craven, Ca.


The first thing you need to do is have a meeting with your child's teacher and principal, also request to have the R.S.P. teacher (resource specialist for kids with special needs) present. Bring all of your info regarding your son's diagnosis. Write down any concerns you have before-hand and bring those with you so you don't accidentally forget something important.

The school will want to set up some tests of their own for your son, usually done by the R.S.P. teacher as well as a district Psychologist to evaluate an I.E.P.( individualized education program) that he'll be entitled to under a 504. Once established he'll retest again every 3 yrs. or so, called a trienial review. When he qualifies for the I.E.P., there are so many ways the teacher can accomodate him in class to help him be successful.

My daughter, currently in 5th, grade gets one on one or small group help in math and language arts, she gets pulled out of class to see her R.S.P. teachers and there is great care taken to make sure she isn't missing out on important classwork. She is also allowed to use fidgets to keep her hands busy as well as have Tic Tacs or hard candy to help her focus. Because she has a hard time paying attention and getting classwork sheets completed we have it stated in her I.E.P. that she is to have a folder on her desk to immediately put her unfinished paper in, and that folder comes home everyday where it becomes homework. All of her previous teachers did this automatically but this year her teacher gave her an F on her unfinished assignments (she usually only finishes 7 out of 20 problems) and obviously her grades fell dramatically as well as her self esteem. So we made sure to have this included in her I.E.P. so it will follow her into middle school.

You'll be given the opportunity every year at your son's annual review to discuss any new changes, his teacher, RSP teacher, and principal will be there to offer support. You didn't say how old your son was but my daughter's self esteem has improved with the school's support since the 2nd grade. Go into the meeting with "How are we going to help my son?" attitude since it will take all of you putting your heads together to find the right plan.

One more thing about the testing the school does, keep an open mind but remember it is not their job to diagnose only to evaluate. The Psychologist always wants to believe my daughter is mildly Autistic, my daughter has Auditory Deffensiveness with SPD but she's not Autistic!Her doctors don't think she's Autistic, my step- mom whose a special ed. teacher of 30 yrs. doesn't think so, my husband and I know she's fine so even though the Psychologist rubs us the wrong way our goal is to get our daughter help.

Take Care and Good Luck!

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