6 year old and constant wetting

by Maryann
(Albany, NY)

Our 6 year old wets his pants several times a day and sits in it. I believe he waits too long and then doesn't have the muscle tone to hang on. He is on a plan to void every two hours, but he often fights us about going into the bathroom.

He will sit in the wet pants until we catch him wet. We then have to force him to change. We are giving him prizes for every time he goes into the bathroom (he does that 1/2 the time) and every time he cleans himself up following an accident without being told to. He has yet to clean himself up.

Why wouldn't he change his wet clothes? He NEVER changes wet clothes. He has been known to sit in poppy pants a few times. He is heading to 1st grade in one week. As it is he doesn't give his friends any space...hands on, etc. He can't be in class while he smells and cause the other children to be exposed to his germs.


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Make it fun
by: Anonymous

I dont know if this will help because every child is different. However I always had great success with making potty time fun.

With my son I would sit him on the toilet backwards since he was much younger then your son. I would take a square of toilet paper and tell him to shoot the submarine... He found it fun to aim for that piece of toilet paper. This was 22 years ago. LOL

When trying to get him to go #2 we would tell him to park the ship at the dock and point to the toilet bowl. When done we would send the ship out to sea. He got to pull the lever (the gas peddle)He loved this.

I passed this on to all my friends with boys.. They all had success with it.. Only one had a problem.. But it was a speech thing so I told her to use the word boat instead... Best of luck to you...

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