6 y/o won't play

my son has SPD - sensory seeking. He also is adopted from russia and has attachment issues (very defiant,control issues) we are working on these with therapist - but no one seems to be able to address the play issue.

Since home at 1 y/o he has never shown interest in playing with toys with or without parent involvement. As a baby he wandered around, if he could get his hands on any wand-type object he was all the happier to be waving that in the air as he went. older, he just keeps snooping into everything, drawers, bags, countertops or he acts hyperactive, spinning, twirling, squealing. there is a lot of sound! he is constantly talking at me - moving around, demanding my attention,if he doesn't get it, he will amp up the noise with squealing or screaming and the movement.

he has always loved television - it is the only time he is quiet. It seems like it is the only time he allows himself to relax. I got rid of our tv 3 years ago and since then have limited his viewing to netflixs @ 45 minutes per day. the weekends are brutally hard to fill up and keep him engaged as he doesn't want to do anything but watch netflixs and because i wont let him we end up in power struggle after power struggle until 'netflixs' time. my younger son (3 y/o also adopted but without any of these issues) is exposed to this all day long and it breaks my heart - it's like living in a little battlefield.

im looking for any guidance on children that won't engage in any play with toys or imaginative play with or without parental involvement i.e., getting on the rug with him doesn't help...you end up the only one sitting there!

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