6 yr old son has anger outburst that cause the school staff to restrain him

by Ranae
(Bellingham, Wa)

I have a 6 yr old son that is in the 1st grade. he tries really hard to focus at school and to do his best. In reading class he acted out, first started with running around the room and then, he was removed from the class and taken to the office and restrained. he becomes very violent and makes unsafe choices. He is has been diagnosed per a general form due to his behavior and lack of being able to focus at school. He is able to focus to a point now that he is medicated, however he still has anger out bursts and becomes unsafe and still is being restrained at times.

What do I do. It appears to me that he is over stimulated by to many sounds in his environment, this frustrates him and when we is not able to deal with the frustration he acts out physically.

Is This a sensory disorder or what is it.

I need help and am seeking answers I want him to feel successful.

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Mar 13, 2015
someone please help...
by: sue marie

My daughter is so hard to get to school. She started being bullied, and now she will get up for school get dressed and walk to school, but as soon as we get there she gets clingy. Will not let me go and the teachers take her off me, she has to be restained..once she has claimed down she is fine at school for the rest of the day..she knows what is going to happern to her in the mornings if she doesn't go in to school normally, but I don't know how much more of it I can take it is hurrible to see and I wouldn't like to think how she feels.. The other day she said I begged them not to put me on the chair mum, but they shill did.. She came home and had finger like bruses on her leg, which she said they did when holding her down.. She is now saying, watch the cctv cameras mum and you will see what they do to me.. Do i or don't i?? . Please someone help as i am getting very down about it all....thankyou

Nov 03, 2012
RE: 6 year old son has anger outburst / School Staff restrains him
by: Danielle Quinn

We had the same experience with our now 7 year old daughter. The public school tried to label her as having Autism and or ADHD. She spent most of her 1st grade home with me. Once we saw how mistreated she was by the public school system we decided enough was enough and I was going to home school. During the summer time I research about 20 different private schools. I came upon one called the Nature of things here in Nashua NH. The school had it's own farm, own greenhouse for the kids to grow there own gardens and a 21st Century way of hands on teaching. Our daughter started her 2nd grade there and is loving it. The school made their own observations (not labeling like the public school did) and expressed their concern for Sensory Issues. We had our daughter evaluated with an OT and sure enough she had "highly Sensory issues"And shows signs of "highly Giftedness". Now my husband and I have a better understanding of the specialness of our daughter and an idea of how to manage her (what we call) gifts. We are also more comfortable knowing the NEW SCHOOL is working with us and are wonderful at teaching our daughter according to her needs. The public schools do not understand these "special children" and nor do they have the funding to even care. Of which is why they will label and misdiagnose your child.

Our rule, I am mom and I know my daughter better than anyone. The public school was way off in in return almost destroyed our daughter's confidence in herself. At times, she would have horrible meltdowns, growling and really hard on herself. Now, with the positive help of us, her new school and the OT, she is feeling good about herself and shining like we want. One thing to remember, a child with Sensory Issues are impulsive. Some think they have "behavior issues" and that could be further from the truth. These children are "impulsive" and can not help that behavior. In the end, I hope all works out for you. The public school's have no idea how to work with these "special children". And they have a very twisted way of blaming their lack of knowledge on the children. The public school in your case is wrong and are over stimulating our son. Your son is special not an out of control child that the school states. In the end, you are the parent and you know your child better than anyone. Hope this helps and god bless...

Danielle Quinn

Apr 03, 2012
6yr old son

Firstly restraining a child is a no no. Absolutely no should never be done. It is against the law in my country. Sensory problems are a big thing, the only thing i would recommend you to do is read Thinking In Pictures by temple grandin. Keep with it . Good luck and do not let anyone restrain your loveley child,

Apr 02, 2012
food allergies/sensitivities
by: Anonymous

check the research on milk allergy and other food allergy/sensitivity. this is unrecognized and under diagnosed by the medical community.

I believe we need to 'rule out' this before any other interventions - if a child is suffering from food allergy/sensitivities it is so easily addressed

my son, also 6 with similar behavior turned out allergic to milk - he did not have the usual signs (congestion) he was wound up like a top and angry and aggressive. I took him off milk and those behaviors minimized tremendously!
he still has moments - but it feels like 'normal' childhood upsets -
hope this helps

Apr 02, 2012
by: AnonymousMarina

Can I suggest you teach him to find a quiet space to calm down then return after this get along to occupational therapy for assessment my son has auditory processing taken years to discover the messages not the brain from the middle ear get mixed or lost

I wish you strength and patience

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