60 year old woman

by Carole

I'm a 60 year old woman. For 58 years I thought I was crazy. Visited many psychiatrists/psychologists searching for answers to my "weirdness".... noise/sound issues.

2 years ago my counselor accidentally stumbled upon on the internet Soft Sound Sensitivity Syndrome - a term coined by Portland, Oregon Audiologist Marsha Johnson.

After reading about SID I feel I have this disorder also. They're probably one and the same. My issues are strictly noise/sound related and I can remember having this as far back as age 6.

I've tried EMDR, hypnosis, meditation. I'm searching for a "cure".... probably no "cure". It seems to be getting worse the older I get. I have a long list of sounds that annoy me and new ones pop up periodically. An interesting new irritation is people with foreign accents. I visited a Natureapathic Doctor yesterday and she put me on to SID.

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