6yr old clothing problems


My oldest daughter is 6. For the past 3 years she has had an issue with jeans and underwear.....ex: fitting too tightly; not in the "right" spot; too low in the back when she sits down and button hurting her belly when sitting down. It has gotten progressively worse. She is very easily upset. For example, if you laugh at her she will burst into tears and leave the room immediately. She just started kindergarten this year. Her homework has be PERFECT or she has a fit and wants to re-do it. Does not like brushing her hair or her teeth. I have to constantly remind her of the task that she is doing....in other words, she is easily distracted. Socks and shoes are another issue. If the socks do not hit her toes just the right way, she becomes very emotional....crying and angry. This will eventually turn into a fit.

She is a very out-going little girl....has many friends at school and does well in school. She is the highest reading class. The teachers have not sent any notes home regarding her behavior. I don't know if this disorder is something she has or not. There were many questions that pertained to her, in many different categories. What should be my next step??

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Oct 09, 2010
5 yr old with clothing and shoe issues
by: Anonymous

My daughter has had the same issue for the past year which we now know is SPD or SID. She went to regular OT appointments and we also did a "brushing program" with her so you may want to ask about that. I still struggle with the clothes especially when the cold months are approaching. I buy her furry crocs (b/c socks and shoes are always an issue especially with her wide feet), she wears leg warmers instead of tights with dresses (who knew this would come back in style and thank you to Target for carrying them), she wears crop sweatpants only (no jeans and not even overalls) and loose t-shirts (with no layering). The symptoms subside and then may come back during any type of transition period or significant change. I have been told with age it does get better.

Oct 08, 2010
Sounds like
by: Anonymous

your daughter has tactile defensiveness, or clothes sensitivity. My DD is very sensitive at the waist and needed to wear wide and high waistbands.

Ask your Dr for a prescription to a OT to do an evaluation for SPD. Once you have the prescription, then phone around to OT's asking if they are familiar with SPD. Pick the one you feel most comfortable with.

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