7 year old daughter with many signs of SPD cannot sense bowel movements

by john
(Ontario, Canada)

My daughter who is seven still has no clue when she is about to have a bowel movement. She has other sensory issues, lack of sensation with food on her face, funny nose or a mess in her pants. She is very oral, had no sense of her strength, hugging very strongly etc. She had issues following basic schedules in the morning and at night, but thankfully has had no issues in school listening to the teacher.

She is delayed in speak, uncoordinated when running. She's had never been a good sleeper, had to be rocked constantly when a baby and still has nights when she can't settle herself down. She has appointments in the near future with two paediatrians, a GI specialist and a developmental specialist. Or family paediatrician took multiple appointments to decide she needed help.

Nothing we do will get her to die on the toilet to even try, she claims she doesn't need to go. Now that she's getting older her accidents are bigger and preventing us from doing certain things with her. She is never constipated, most of her stool is more on the soft side, even if she doesn't go for a day or two.

We have no clue what to try next.... everything we've read to get her on the toilet hasn't worked, sticker schedules, book reading, promising the world and even explaining all the things she can't do till she uses the toilet. She'll cry because she knows now what it all means but it didn't help and minutes later she will have gone in her pants and won't want to get cleaned up and changed. Anything else that might help?

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