7 year old is trying new foods

I hava a 7 year old boy who is quite a fussy eater. When he finds something he likes he tends to stick with it for a long time. I am constantly trying to introduce new foods. Recently I have gotten him to move for salami to ham and now he wont go back. He has tried fish and loves it. I am trying cautiously now not to give him the same foods all the time and to alternative things in his limited food selection. He is also trying nuts, other fruits, crackers and pasta. It is a very slow and tedious process but I know I have to persevere.

In my experience if my son has a nice relaxed or pleasant experience or memory of eating a particular thing he likes it and tends to associate something nice with that food every time he sees it. I can feel his tension build up if he really wants to try something but rejects it just because of the look of it without even trying it.I am so glad I came across your website and realise there are a lot of us out there dealing with food issues. Keep up the good work!!

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