7yr old always in space . Doc said it's ADHD but I suspect something else

by Lori

I have a 7yr old girl who has had 2 MRI's since she was born and seen two neurologists but no one can figure her out. Pediatrician tried to label her as ADHD and right away put her on meds but I say no, it's not that.

Here's my story:

Danielle was born two weeks late. She was a good baby but late walking, had sensory problems with touching things, gagged on food and a major speech delay. Didn't start talking until Kindergarten even though she attended Preschool two years prior. Oh and also late potty training and had a couple accidents in Kindergarten.

Now she's in 2nd grade and the teacher says she always needs to be prompted to take off her coat and put her backpack away and sit down. She is distracted easily so a lot of times she gets in trouble for not listening to the teacher. She's a good reader and also good in math. She says no one wants to sit next to her at lunch because she chats too much. She says she has a lot in her head and it has to come out.

When she is excited she will jump like Tigger. She flapped her hands as a baby. Another strange thing she does usually when she's watching tv is she stretches out her legs and crosses them tight and crosses her arms, opens her mouth and just has this stare thing going on. She'll stop when I call her name and when I ask what she is doing

she says nothing. I'm afraid if she's doing this move at school and others see her they will want to stay away. She also walks on her tip toes a lot and has fallen because of it.

She has just learned to blow her nose but if her nose is running she'll put the tissue up to her nose and dot at it constantly instead of blowing it or if she has a cough she'll keep coughing over and over again repeating herself. She also is sensitive to noise. We went to Epcot and on the Toy Story ride she just covered her ears and didn't shoot any targets.

She's a very lovable sensitive girl who is always looking out for her little sister. If she wasn't so lovable and huggable I'd say right away she has autism but doctors have ruled that out.

I'm at wits end right now researching on my own. The neurologist has referred her to the behavior study group and I've yet to hear from a doctor who will see her. She is on state insurance so a lot won't want to see or help her. Like I said her pediatrician right away wanted to stick her on pills. She's not hyper at all. If you put her on pills she probably won't function at all. I did research on those pills for ADHD and they are not good. A lot of kids have been dying on them years later. They destroy the heart.

Is there anyone out there with a kid like mine????

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Jan 28, 2010
by: Mary

My son has some of the signs that your daughter has. See is you can have her seen by an OT therapist.

Please check out the following link it has helped me. Good luck!


Don't give up. It took me a year to find out that my son has Sensory Integration and I thought he had Aspergers.

Jan 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

Helllo, yeaaah. There are lots of kids like that. They are all blessed with Asperger.

When I was reading, you were describing my daughter and I...we both have Asperger. I still walk on my toes at 40, she used to cover her ears at noise, we gag very easy, my daughter was very resistant to be potty trained, kids don't want to sit next to my daughter because she's "weird"...you have to get her diagnosed ASAP and ask the school for support, watch for bullying and under no circumstances put her on meds? She's on meds? You want to take away all she has beautiful? Do not discipline her rough (I do not discipline my daughter at all!!!),because it is very damaging for her. Asperger does not have a cure and it is not a "disease", but it is very little understood by the ones that don't have it, called "neurotypicals". People with Asperger are very intelligent and have special talents, so try to see what her talents are. The hardest thing is the lack of interest in socialization, get her used to get out of the house, even just fopr walks.

Love her the way she is and PLEASE, watch this trend that nobody wants to stay next to her, in middle school will affect her self esteem. Kids are very cruel and schools can care less, so you believe HER when she tells you something, not them. Encourage her to tell you every day what;s going on at school. Do let her know all the time that she's beautiful and do not try to change her, but just support her weaknesses, social skills.

Just love her, try not to give her meds.

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