8 Year Old with SPD; school work is declining.

(Seattle, WA)

I adopted my foster son whose mom took meth for almost the whole time she was pregnant. In first grade the teacher suggested I have him be seen by a doctor to see why it was so hard for him to sit still and listen in class. The doctor felt like it was SPD and had him do OT for as long as needed. After 8 months he graduated from the program and now we seem to be having the same problems in school with him not listening and moving in his seat so much. He is getting behind in his reading and Math skills and this concerns me. I am also seeing a change in his self confidence and am thankful that he is gifted in sports because of his energy level. I am wondering if I should maybe have him see a Neurologist to get another doctor’s suggestion on what action should be taken.

I would love to get any other advice from parents in a similar situation. Thanks

The SPD Help Line Answers

First, I would take him back to his previous OT and let her know what is going on. He may need a "tune up"… this is not unusual by any means. I would start there. Then, if the OT feels he needs further evaluation by a neurologist, go ahead and do that. But, it may just be SPD rearing it’s ugly head again. So, check this out first.

Also, make sure you are following a sensory diet! This will help him on a daily basis to keep him focused and regulated. If you aren’t, make sure his OT sets one up for him and you follow it regularly and consistently! For more information about this, if you are not familiar with sensory diets (which you should have had during his last round of OT), here are some articles that will be helpful:

Sensory Diets

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The Insider Secrets; using SI theory to help solve problems at home

Anyone else have any input? Feel free to share/comment!

Take good care.
Michele Mitchell

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