80 year old hypersensitive

I suspect I have always had a minor sensory handicap, however when I turned 70 years of age it got progressively worse. Now at age 80 I find ALL my senses, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin are magnified to an uncomfortable degree.

My eyes are sensitive to bright lights.

My ears are sensitive to the even the ticking of a clock.

My nose is sensitive to strong odors

My mouth is sensitive to any kind of mouthwash or toothpaste

My skin is nearly impossible to soothe....Need to wear loose silk undergarments inside out and only loose soft clothing inside out because of irritating seams.

My feet feel like I am walking on gravel with no shoes on.

I am desperate for something to appease
my sensitivity issues. It is a painful handicap.

I am wondering if this Wilbarger Brushing tool will help???????

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Jul 15, 2018
80 year old Hypersensitive.
by: Patrick Meehan

I would try to do the Wilbarger protocol simply because it's a good technique to use. However, it doesn't always work as effectively as you would wish it would since you have to use the brush everyday every two hours.

The recommended Wilbarger protocol diet consists of using five brush strokes on your skin with deep pressure on all parts of your body except your stomach or chest. They say that the stomach and chest are susceptible to certain types of stomach issues which I cannot completely cover since you would have to do the research yourself on why you can't use brushing on your stomach.

After you finish brushing you would be doing joint compression exercises where you put two fingers on each body part and firmly press and count to ten each time.

I hope that you can find this useful as it will take time to work on. And always remember, it is never to late to improve yourself.

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