9 month old with SPD

My son is a very happy little boy...But I have noticed a few things that have made me stop and search for answers...

At 9 months old he only nurses still. When we try to feed him baby food we may get 2-5 bites and then he closes his month, sticks out his tongue, shakes his head and if were lucky to get another bit in spits it out. We have even tried table food, homemade baby food and still no luck. He is having a food study done in a couple of weeks. But this is not my sons only issue...He screams uncontrollably if he is in his carseat. This has been pretty much since he was about 1 month. We have tried different carriers and still no avail...We cannot go anywhere without him crying until he sobs and falls asleep...then he only sleeps about 20 minutes and it starts over. Needless to say no one wants to go anywhere with us. I feel horrible when we "Have" to go somewhere and i have to listen to him scream uncontrollably. Please any advice or information would be great.

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May 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

have you taken your son for any screenings or evals? appears from your description that perhaps he may have some vestibular processing challenges. my son has a spd diagnosis, he used to scream like a maniac in the car. he would scream when i laid him down to change his diapers, hated certain types of swings, hated being leaned back in the tub to wash his hair, etc. took me a while but i figured out that he had vestibular issues after seeing an ot and asking some questions. he was also a very picky eater, turns out as he aged it wasn't only with food, it's with certain fabrics, certain textures of furniture, etc. so i would just suggest, if you have concerns, make an appt. and go ask some initial questions. listen to your mama instincts. :) good luck.

May 04, 2011
by: AJ

my son screamed in the car seat too. screamed for diaper changes. screamed in the bath tub when i would lean him back to wash him. screamed about certain swinging motions. screamed about sleeping on his back even at a month old... took me a while to realize he not only had vestibular processing issues (you may want to do some reading on that and see if it describes your son), but he also had issues with food textures, smells, etc. among other things. at the young age you know if they are screaming like that, there is a reason, it's not to manipulate or cause you grief, something is causing him distress.

if you suspect issues at this young age, seek help. an occupational therapist will have many resources to address you concerns and be a sounding board for you.

Mar 14, 2011
by: Steve Faherty

the New Brushing Protocol Protective Response Regime as a strategy for dealing with the car seat issue.

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