9 Yr Old With SID And Anger Issues

by Jill

I'm raising my 9 yr old grandson who has been diagnosed with SID. He 's had PT, OT, speech and social skills counseling. He's come a long way, but his constant arguing because someone cheated or because someone broke the rules is making the neighborhood kids not want to play with him. Its almost as if he can't stop himself and he argues and argues and argues. Of course whoever "broke" the rules isn't going to own up to it so he just keeps harping. He also gets very upset when something happens to him or someone else that he feels is unfair. He's easily annoyed by other kids when they're humming, or making noises. I know his sensory issues make such behavior extremely unpleasant for him, but its his anger and reaction that causes me concern. He just keeps harping on the poor kid. Eventually he'll reach a point where he has a complete meltdown and screams and cries and storms into his room or comes home crying.

He's an A student (he has an IEP for his spacial/writing needs), loves school and is very happy most of the time, except for the aforementioned situations. He's a funny, quirky, lovable child and I just want to give him the tools he needs to fix this problem. Anybody else have this type of behavioral problem? What can I do?????

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