A complex Story

by Megan

I am Megan Nimchuk, and I work with Supported Lifestyles Ltd, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have a client on my caseload who I believe would be a very interesting case to be studied by Yale. Ben Rosengarten is by far, the most complex Adult male with Autism I have ever seen. I have a large client base of autistic clients, and well, we have come to a point with Ben, where we just don’t know what to do.

I have permission from his guardian, Dr. Albert Rosengarten to approach you folks for some advice.

Ben’s diagnoses is moderate developmental delay, autism, and epilepsy. Ben has a seizure in his younger years that caused brain damage is non verbal because of it.

Ben has practised in so much self abuse over his life he developed a cataract, which was removed, and come back again. We have placed padding in his room at eye level to assist in his self abuse, as he throws his head into the wall. He face slaps, head bangs, and like I said, throw his head into corners, walls, etc. ben of course has the typical stimming practises, he had rings etc. however he hand rings up his nose, and has broken his nose several times.

We work with a behaviour consultant around his behaviours and sensory needs. We however have a sensory for him, that we just can’t answer, and this is where I am seeking advice. Ben urinates in his room, several times a day. When he’s upset or not. He will then walk in it, put his mattress in it, and lay on it. He will essential put his nose in it. Which we have identified that he is lacking some smell sensory, however we can’t seem to identify anything that would assist him in his sensory needs. We initially thought it was behaviour, however we have come to realize it must be sensory. Have you seen this before, do you have any suggestions?

The story with Ben goes on and on. I feel very confident in saying you would have not seen any, or very many like ben Rosengarten. He absolutely fascinates me as I try to figure him out.

However, we would appreciate any suggestions/advice. And perhaps talk more about Ben.

Take care

Megan Nimchuk
Residential Supervisor
Supported Lifestyles Ltd
403-207-5115 ext 204
403 870 9454 (cell)

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