A happy ending... after all

by Milene
(Miami, Florida)

Hi, there! I am an occupational Therapist to-be, and currently taking a course on SI. I have found your site to be great!!!, and I felt compelled to tell a real story with two aims, first,just to share it with you, second, to try to-start-to-find an answer, or just to debate it.

Well, as soon as I was introduced to the SPD topic at school, the first person that came to mind was mmy sister Sissi, now 37, and mother of one.

Well, looking back, my sister was a typical case of SPD, though she went undiagnosed. Why?, simple: we were both born and raised in Cuba, in the 70s, and back then nobody ever had heard about SPD, of course.!! My mother always talks about my sister as a "different" and "extremely difficult" child in every sense of the word. She, feeling hopeless, resourced to a pediatric psychologist/neurologist who suggested to my mom to keep her motivated, entertained, and active (she was the sensation seeker type, among other things....).

I could go deeper into Lissi's symptoms if anyone wants me, later, but my question today is the following:

By virtue of what miracle that an extremely problematic girl/adolescent (she was like that up until she was about 12 years old) managed to change into a well modulated, organized,and perfectly normal and even peaceful woman? How come???, given that she never received any formal treatment or therapy whatsoever? Do you think that the fact that we were raised rather "wild and free", allowed to engage in physical activity for about 4 hours minimum every day, under the sun, constantly jumping, swimming, hopping, rocking, bouncing, pushing, pulling, swinging, in motion with roller blades , riding bicycles or scooters, etc, using the regular park equipment, or just running around making lots of physical contact with other kids, might have made the miracle????

Well, if someone out there has any light to shed about this particular story, I would appreciate your feedback.

Sincerely yours, Milene.

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Jun 02, 2009
a happy ending

My son, now 10 ,has had all sorts of social and intellectual issues. He is totally addicted to his trampoline and loves playgrounds with all the climbing gear and swings. We visit the park every other day and he uses his trampoline at least x2 day for hours. Yes, I believe this 'natural' therapy has made a huge difference - however , my youngest son now 5 yrs concerns me.

He has had all sorts of issues related to hyperactivity and impulsiveness at school ( most would describe him as ADHD). He too goes along to the park and jumps continuously on the trampoline with his brother. His problems however are not getting any better yet he is still exposed to this natural therapy. I wonder then if diff children require diff intervention - some with natural therapies and others with more set up and unnatural activities.

Seeing kids , with similar symptoms , still may require different interventions.

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